Installing dev-agent

The dev agent (formerly connect helper) adds “Mount over WebDav”, “Open in Sublime” and “Open in Finder” options to OSX.

Using WebDav, you can connect to a remote WebHare server (Mac’s Finder adds a new volume). This volume contains Publisher contents, modules and custom folders exposed from WebHare itself (application “Modules and configuration” => Menu => WebDav Data Folders).

This can for example be helpful if you want to debug something on external servers.

To make connections to servers, first install the dev agent:

  1. npm i -g @webhare/dev-agent
  2. dev-agent --install
  3. sudo dev-agent --install-sudo

Then, visit (the “Welcome to WebHare Dev Agent” message should be visible). In the “Connect a server”, enter the URL of a WebHare server (for example and connect to it by using the “Dev Agent” bookmarklet.