Thank you for considering a contribution to the WebHare Platform!

We recommend creating an issue describing the changes you want to make before starting a (major) change to the WebHare Platform. This will help us to confirm that we think your proposal is inside the scope of the project and will increase the chance of your contribution being (quickly) accepted.

We require external contributors to agree to a contributor license agreement before we can accept your submission. If you are contributing in a personal or self-employed capacity, please review and submit the Individual CLA. If you are contributing on behalf of your employer or your employer might otherwise have claim to your contributions, please have someone who is authorized to make such an agreement review and submit the Entity CLA. Please send a signed copy (scanned or digitized PDF) of the proper CLA to, and feel free to contact us beforehand if you have any questions.

All merge requests require signoff by a release team member who must be different from the developer who submitted who submitted the merge request. Under extreme circumstances (an urgent fix is absolutely necessary be made and it's impossible for a different team member to do a timely review) a release team member may self-approve a merge request. Such 'incidents' will be internally audited by WebHare bv.