<textarea />


  • hint

    path to the text which will be shown when the pointer is hovering over the item the hint belongs to. When hinttid is specified, the hint attribute will be ignored.

  • title

    You need to specify the path to the text, if filled in the title will be ignored

  • errorlabel

    The tid to use as the name of this component in error messages.

  • placeholder

    The tid to use as the placeholder text.

  • trimwhitespace
  • maxlength

    The maximum number of characters allowed for this text area.

  • maxlengthmeasure

    The way the number of characters is measured (UTF-8 bytes or Unicode characters).

  • showcounter

    If set to true, a counter will be shown with the actual number of characters/bytes in the field. This may be useful in conjunction with maxlength.

  • value

    The text which will be shown in this text area upon opening the screen.

  • validationchecks

    A list of checks the entered value must pass.

  • wordwrap

    Wrap long lines. Defaults to true

  • readonly

    If set to true, the value of this component will be shown as text instead of input fields.

  • visible

    If set to false, this component will not be visible.

  • enabled

    whether the user can interact and change the state of the component

  • minwidth

    Absolute minimum width of the component

  • minheight

    Absolute minimum width of the component

  • width

    Preferred width of the component

  • height

    Preferred height of the component

  • defaultbutton

    The name of the button to select (e.g. give focus) upon focusing this component (for focusable components) or a component within this component (for container components).

  • margintop
  • marginbottom
  • marginleft
  • marginright
  • name

    The (unique) name of this component.

  • public

    Make the object (component, action, composition etc) public, making it possible to refer to it from code outside of the screen's own objecttype.

  • cellname

    Container to specify the name that you have filled in on the member property in the contenteditor

  • composition

    Specify where to store the data in this instance, relative to the base object for this composition. This feature is included for backwards compatibility with earlier site profiles, it's use is no longer recommended as it is incompatible with the history/versioning system.

  • dirtylistener
  • required

    If set to true, this field will must contain a non-empty value.

  • implicitplaceholder

    Set to false to disable an implicit placeholder generated by the validation checks