WebHare Docker images

You can download WebHare from Dockerhub. Releases use a semantic version number, eg '4.27.6'. 

'master' is built directly from the most recent source code, and may not be stable for production use. It's recommend for developers (because the 'dev' module will usually require an up-to-date WebHare) and for testing.

Docker images tagged 'release-x-xx' correspond to the release/x.xx branches and should be considered 'beta' releases for their respective branch. The releases are tagged on this branch. You would generally use a release-x-xx branch if you need a backported fix but no tagged version is available yet.

Building from source

You can also build WebHare yourself from the source code. This is useful if you want to further develop the core code itself, use the webhare_testsuite module or if you don't want to deal with Docker.  See building from source for more information. 

In general using the docker images should suffice if you're only interested in developing websites or modules.