You can set up Webservers using the Webservers application. The application is listed under the "System" group of the WebHare menu:

The button bar contains the most often used actions. All actions can also be found in the menu on the far right of the button bar:

The main screen offers an overview of existing webservers. Three types of server are supported:

WebHare backend interface server

WebHare backend interface server: usually one of these is configured. This webserver provides the webserver for the WebHare interface, allowing users to log on and run applications

WebHare output server icon

WebHare output server. This webserver type provides an output webserver, usually to publish a website. 

Access rules only server icon

Access rules only - no published content. This can be used for redirecting visitors to another location.  

Every severtype supports aliases. There are two types of aliases:

Alternative hostname: the address will not be changed when the visitor uses this.

Redirect: the visitor will be redirected to the main hostname.

Adding a webserver

  1. Click the "Add" button and choose "Webserver".
  2. The "Edit webserver" screen is opened.
  3. Choose the appropriate settings for your goal:
  4. Choose the desired webserver type (see the descriptions above).
  5. Choose the binding type; usually this is "Virtual host" (or name based), where the URL domain name is used to look up the corresponding webserver.
  6. Choose the URL.
  7. Click "OK" to save the webserver.

An output folder is automatically choosen. You can change this by editing the created webserver: