URL History

When you move content in the Publisher application WebHare can automatically redirect visitors to the new URL. This is done by recording all URLs to which content has been published in the so called URL History.

This URL history is not archived or copied when content is synchronized. If you intend to move a site to a different WebHare server and restructure it there before moving it back to the production environment, you may lose the URL history if you're not careful. To avoid this, you need to manually save the URL history on the original publication server and restore it after migration using the Publisher's 'whfstool' on the WebHare command line. This converts the URL history into contenttype data that can be migrated.

You can enable the webfeature "Show 'saved URL history'" to enable an additional file properties tab that will display the URL history. This allows editors to see and manipulate the URL history manually on their testing environment.