SetLDAPSearchScope (open)

Set the LDAP search scope


LOADLIB "wh::dbase/ldap.whlib";

MACRO SetLDAPSearchScope(INTEGER transaction, STRING dn, INTEGER scope)


INTEGER transaction

The LDAP transaction id


The base object distinguished name


The search scope


Set the search scope for LDAP SELECTs. The base distinguished name is used as the search root, e.g. "o=B-Lex,c=NL" for searches within B-Lex. The scope is used to determine which subset of the base dn is searched through. Possible values are: {@pre 0 Base Object Search only through the object identified by the base dn 1 Single Level Search through all direct children of the base dn object 2 Whole Subtree Search through all descendants of the base dn object } All SELECTs are performed within the given search scope. When no search scope is set, all selections will be empty, so it is imported to call this function before doing a SELECT on an LDAP table. It is possible to change the search scope between SELECTs. Make sure the search scope is supported by the LDAP server connected to, otherwise all selections will be empty.