IPCLinkEndpoint::SendExceptionReply (open)

Sends an exception reply to the other endpoint of the link


LOADLIB "wh::internal/jobs.whlib";

RECORD FUNCTION SendExceptionReply(OBJECT e, INTEGER64 replyto)



Exception to send. The member function EncodeForIPC will be used to encode the exception. When EncodeForIPC returns a non-standard exception type, the type MUST be registered with RegisterReceivedExceptionType on the receiving side. The receiving side will only throw when it has autothrow enabled.

INTEGER64 replyto

Id of the message this is a reply to

Return value


Result of send action

INTEGER64 msgid

Id of the sent message

STRING status

One of the following codes: 'ok': message sent successfully 'gone': other endpoint of the link has been closed