Appendix 1: Listing of reserved words

The following keywords are reserved, and may not be used as a function, macro, variable or cell name. Some already have a defined use in the HareScript language, others are reserved for future extensions:

__Attributes__ Continue Inner Ref
__WithAsyncContext Cross Insert Return
Aggregate DateTime Integer Schema
All Default Integer64 Sealed
And DefaultsTo Intersect Select
Array Delete Into Set
As Desc Join Static
Asc Distinct Key String
Async Else Like Switch
At End Limit Table
Await Except Loadlib Temporary
BitAnd Export Macro This
BitLShift Extend Member Throw
BitNeg ExtendsFrom Money True
BitOr False New Try
BitRShift Finally Not TypeId
BitXor FixedPoint Null Unique
Blob Float Nvl Update
Boolean For Object Using
Break ForEach ObjectType Values
By Forevery Offset Var
Case From Only Variant
Catch Full Or VarType
Cell Function Order WeakObject
ClassType Goto Outer Where
Column Group Private While
Concat Having Property Xor
Const If Ptr Yield
Constant In Public
Constexpr Index Record