Payment service providers

Payment providers (and known limitiations) currently supported by WebHare

Riverty (formerly Afterpay)

More information: Afterpay homepage


The external PSP is used to set up payments that are resolved outside of WebHare.


The iDEAL provider directly links to iDEAL checkouts. If you're offering other payment methods than iDEAL, you would probably use a more generic payment provider


Formerly known as Ogone

Important settings:

Then create an API user to allow verification of transactions

Ingenico transactions work by redirecting the user to a payment form instead of pre-announcing the transactions to the gateway. If the user doesn't complete the redirect no trace of the transaction will be there at Ingenico. Because of this, WebHare cannot tell the difference between the user still being en-route to the transaction page at Ingenico or having permantently abanonded the transaction and uses the configurable 'Expire after' timeout to decide when to consider pending transactions failed


We implement V2 of the Mollie API.

Mollie payments may fail if you're behind a firewall. When developing you can disable 'webhooks' in the payment settings to prevent Mollie from trying to contact your server



Sisow support is limited to payment only (ie, no Afterpay or Klarna, which seem to require a deeper API integration here)


The test payment provider allows you to use a safe 'loopback' payment method when developing new integrations with the payment API. You should always ensure this provider works before connecting different providers to your application.

Be careful about enabling the Test provider on production systems as payments made through the Test provider may appear to be actually completed payments to your application.

Useful test scenarios: