RunFSObjectEditApplication (open)

Launch an editor for the specified file This can be an:

  • objecteditor (application screen
  • hardcoded inbuild publisher dialogs (for .tpl, forums, archives, int/ext/content-links and contentlistings)
  • embeddedobjecttype editfragment


LOADLIB "mod::publisher/lib/dialogs.whlib";

MACRO RunFSObjectEditApplication(OBJECT parentscreen, INTEGER objectid, RECORD options)


OBJECT parentscreen

Screen invoking us

INTEGER objectid

Object to edit

RECORD options


BOOLEAN assumereadaccess

Assume the user has write access

BOOLEAN assumewriteaccess

Assume the user has write access

BOOLEAN forceintegrated

Do not launch a separate application

INTEGER ARRAY internallinkroots

Limit RTE internal links to these subfolders