Setting up types

About setting up new file and folder types in WebHare.

If you want to build a file or folder type that is basically a 'one off', eg. you're just going to create one of it and don't expect the end user to set it up (such as a login or search page), consider setting up a prebuilt page

Custom types

A custom filetype can set capturesuburls="true" to get all 'deeper' URLs redirected to itself. For example, if a file named myfile is published as, it will also receive requests for

The capturesuburls option can only be set for filetypes that also have ispublishedassubdir set. Since WebHare 4.25 you can also enable the isacceptableindex option for capturing files, but be careful when enabling this: the folder contents may claim the same URLs as your capturing file and your capturing file may prevent URL history from working if it does not generate 404s.

Prebuilt page

Prebuilt pages simplify the construction of one-off pages that would usually require setting up a separate filetype. A prebuilt page can be HTML or SHTML.


To setup a prebuilt page, define it in your siteprofile in the same <apply> block where you apply the global webdesign:

    <!-- <to ... /> -->
    <prebuiltpage tag="<tag>"
                  title="<title>" />

Instead of an explicit title, you can also set a tid.

The tag you use is not automatically namespaced to a site or module, so you'll need to ensure that the tag you use is sufficiently unique if the siteprofile applies to more than one site.

For example:

<prebuiltpage tag="loginpage" type="dynamic" library="lib/mypages.whlib" webpageobjectname="LoginPage" />

The object itself should derive from StaticPageBase or DynamicPageBase as applicable. As an example:

LOADLIB "wh::witty.whlib";
LOADLIB "module::publisher/webdesign.whlib";

    RECORD data := [ x := 42 ];
    RETURN PTR EmbedWittyComponent(this->pagefolder || "mypages.witty:loginpage", data);

GetPageBody is invoked after the webdesign has set up pageconfig, and the returned value is used as the page's contents.

In WebHare versions before 4.09, you would separately update the PrepareForRending and RunBody functions.


Create a file of type 'Prebuilt page' aka

Modify its properties and select the proper prebuilt page on the first tab. If your prebuilt type isn't visible, try a siteprofile recompilation (or wh softreset --sp). If it's still not visible, use the Inspect feature to see if the apply rule containing your <prebuiltpage> is actually being applied.

Applying settings to a prebuilt file

You can apply settings to a specific prebuilt file, eg:

    <to type="file" prebuiltmasks="loginpage" />
    <!-- .. -->

prebuiltmasks is a space-separated list of wildcard masks which tests against the prebuiltpage tag.