Application portal

The application portal filetype hosts the actual Tollium interface

Portal startup options

You can pass the following variables on the URL to customize or debug various Tollium issues:

- app=[appname]           Launch the specified app (eg ?app=publisher:app). Launch multiple apps by adding more "app" web variables (?app=1&app=2&app=3)
- profile=[profiles]      Generate profiling information (profiles is one or more of 'calls','objects','memory', comma separated)
- openas=[username]       Log in as the specified user (requires sysop privileges)
- language=[en]           Override the user language
- intolerant=1            Throw on error conditions, instead of just trying to make it work
- commfallback=1          Do not use shared workers or websockets for tollium communication
- go=                     Portal/frontend specific parameters
- notifications=0         Disable notifications