BulkExclusiveKeeper (open)

Status object returned by GetBulkExclusiveLock


LOADLIB "mod::tollium/lib/internal/exclusivity.whlib";

OBJECTTYPE BulkExclusiveKeeper


  • PROPERTY deadline

    Deadline for releasing the lock (for mode "requestclose")

  • PROPERTY mode

    Wait mode:

    • 'try': Try to lock, give back identifications of locksed items
    • 'requestclose': Ask for locks, allow users to deny
    • 'forceclose': Close screen locks (won't close bulk exclusive locks)
  • PROPERTY pertagstatus

    Status per tag

  • PROPERTY requesttime
  • PROPERTY status


    • "none": None of the locks succeeded
    • "partial": Not all locks succeeded
    • "ok": all locks are taken
    • "closed": Closed


  • ASYNC FUNCTION AsyncWaitLocked()

    Returns a promise that will be resolved when the locked status is known. Returns TRUE when all locks are taken

  • MACRO Close()

    Close the lock and cancels takeover requests - warning: executes asynchronous code.