GetAddressValidationServices (open)

Get a list of supported validation services


LOADLIB "mod::wrd/lib/address.whlib";

RECORD ARRAY FUNCTION GetAddressValidationServices()

Return value


List of validation services

STRING ARRAY completionfields

List of WRD address field tags of fields that can be completed using other fields (e.g. for Dutch addresses this will be [ "STREET", "CITY" ] as these fields can be filled using "ZIP" and "NR_DETAIL"). For a list of available field tags, see worldinfo.xml

STRING ARRAY countries

List of (uppercase) country codes of the countries for which this service validates addresses

STRING editextension

Editor extension, implementation object should extend WRDAddressVerificationExtensionBase


Validation service name, should be unique

STRING title

Validation service title as unresolved tid ptr (use GetTid to display)

STRING validator

Validator object as full object resource path, implementation should extend WRDAddressVerificationBase