RunWRDHistoryDialog (open)

Shows a dialog with the changes for a specific entity


LOADLIB "mod::wrd/lib/dialogs.whlib";

MACRO RunWRDHistoryDialog(OBJECT owner, OBJECT entity, RECORD options)


OBJECT owner

Owner screen

OBJECT entity

Show the history of this entity

RECORD options


STRING ARRAY hideattributes

Masks for tags of attributes to hide (format: 'type:attr' glob mask)

FUNCTION PTR mapchangesrows

Mapping function for titles (RECORD ARRAY FUNCTION map(OBJECT type, RECORD ARRAY rows) In: [ entity := id, title := 'default title', type := 'default typename' ] Out:= [ entity := id, title := 'updatetitle', type := "updated typename", sortkey := "optional title sortkey" ]

BOOLEAN mergechanges

If TRUE, merge multiple changes to the same entity within a changeset

STRING ARRAY recursetypes

Also show attachments of these types.

STRING ARRAY showattributes

Masks for tags to show anyway, even if they match hideattributes (format: 'type:attr' glob mask)