4.20 (2018-12-06)


This update will remove support for historic and future WRD entity settings (creationdate and limitdate at entity_settings).

At upgrade, any existing settings with history are moved to WRD.BACKUP_ENTITY_SETTINGS (you can drop this table once you've confirmed you have no data loss). There may be a bit of downtime as the database is scanned and these records are migrated.

If your have a thousands or tens of thousands of wrd.entity_settings that need migration (select from wrd.entity_settings where creationdate != default datetime or limitdate != max_datetime) we recommend running 4.19 before upgrading to 4.20, as 4.19 will run a daily cleanup of these history-settings to cut back on the eventual migration time. You should also prevent any more history settings from being created (check the notice logs for UpdateEntity errors in 4.19)


We no longer support the 'old' style installation where data maps are scatted throughout the project tree. We are also removing support for the configuration XML files. We have the following migration paths:

If you never created/modified webhare-config.xml

wh console will move dbase, log, output and the subdirectories of var into a new whdata folder. Symlinks will be kept in place for backwards compatibility - existing paths, but you should eventually migrate away from them.

If you're using <basedatadir> in your webhare-config.xml

Set up an environment variable WEBHARE_DATAROOT to point to your base data directory, or at least make sure that variable is set whenever you start WebHare. eg: WEBHARE_DATAROOT=~/projects/whdata/moe/ wh console

If you've changed the database port in webhare-config.xml

Set up an environment variable WEBHARE_BASEPORT with your new database port, or at least make sure that variable is set whenever you start WebHare. eg: WEBHARE_BASEPORT=23679 wh console


Incompatibilities and deprecations

Things you should do

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