WebHare changelogs

Unskippable upgrades

Some upgrades cannot be skipped. These are:

So, to upgrade from 3.08 to 4.27, go through 3.10.xx, 4.03, 4.08, 4.16 and 4.26 first. You should also make sure 4.16 has finished any conversions (check the managed tasks) before continuing the update, as the wrd/fs settings upgrade done in 4.10 can take quite a bit of time.

How to upgrade

Before you upgrade, check the changelogs of the relevant versions to see if there are any important deprecations.

You should also regularly look for important deprecations and changes you may have missed:

Although our scripts cannot catch all issues (feedback welcome!) it may be able to give you some heads up about things you can fix to prevent future incompatibilities issues, or just to simply improve performance