Extending the Publisher

Object properties

Modules can add extra properties to files and folders by setting up a content type holding the data. Content types can be associated with any file or folder in the Publisher (or any other object in the WHFS). Objects can have more than one content type and corresponding data associated with them, but every object can have only one instance of every content type.

Contenttypes have a namespace (commonly an URL) which should be globally unique. These URLs do not have to point to an existing web page or have anything to do with the site where content will be hosted - that just helps to ensure that the chosen namespaces are unique.

The types are defined in a siteprofile, eg:

  <contenttype namespace="http://www.example.net/xmlns/mymetadata">
    <member name="addchat" type="boolean" />
    <member name="chatbotname" type="string" />

To extend the properties editor, declare a <tabsextension> which gives the UI to set the defined members:

  <tabsextension xmlns="http://www.webhare.net/xmlns/tollium/screens" name="mysettings">
    <newtab title="Extra settings">
      <checkbox composition="contentdata" cellname="chatbotname" title="Chatbot's name" />
      <checkbox composition="contentdata" cellname="addchat" title="" label="Add chat ?" />

The <tabsextension> can also use <insert> with one of the following positions: name, title, description, keywords, publicationsettings, tasksettings or settings

And add this tabsextension to the object properties screen to the proper filetypes using an apply rule:

    <to type="file" />
    <extendproperties extension="#mysettings" contenttype="http://www.example.net/xmlns/mymetadata" />

Adding code to object properties

In general, property editor extensions do not need to use HareScript - Tollium's components and compositions are generally powerful enough. But in some cases you may want to add HareScript code to implement additional behaviours and actions for an object property extension, for example to execute code after changing an object's properties

You can add code by setting an implementation and library for the <tabsextension>:

  <tabsextension xmlns="http://www.webhare.net/xmlns/tollium/screens" name="mysettings"
                 implementation="lib" library="myextension.whlib">

And in myextension.whlib, implement an object named after your extension deriving from TolliumTabsExtensionBase, for example:

LOADLIB "mod::system/lib/database.whlib";

PUBLIC STATIC OBJECTTYPE sitesettings EXTEND TolliumTabsExtensionBase
  UPDATE PUBLIC MACRO SubmitExtension(OBJECT work)
    IF (^chatbotname->name LIKE "*/*")
      work->AddErrorFor(^chatbotname, "Chatbot name may not contain a slash");

Extensions can also use this->contexts->objectpropsapi to access the ObjectPropsAPI for the current object, eg this->contexts->objectpropsapi->targetid to get the ID of the object whose properties are being edited (0 if we're creating a new object).